New look, new website for the Restigouche Gallery

Restigouche Gallery logo

New Restigouche Gallery logo

The Restigouche Gallery has partnered with a local marketing agency for a rebrand and development of a new website. The Gallery hopes to connect existing and new visitors with the Gallery’s exhibits and it’s Athol House museum.

“We are excited to offer our community new ways to connect to the events and displays going on at the Gallery,” says Gallery President Bob Ewing. “We want to be seen as a modern and relevant attraction, and we feel that a professional, easy to use website with lots of visual content will help bring our existing patrons back for more, while attracting new visitors locally and from abroad.”

The mobile friendly site features listings of current and upcoming exhibits, a calendar of events, photo galleries of the Athol House museum exhibits highlighting local history and culture, and information about other community initiatives. Visitors can also browse articles available for sale at the Gallery’s two boutiques located at the Gallery itself and at the Tourist information centre on Salmon Boulevard.

“Culture tourism is a big economic driver for our region, and we want to be an active participant,” continues Ewing. “We feel the Gallery can play a big part in positioning our community as a vibrant one that celebrates its art and culture.”

With the new site comes a modernization of the Gallery’s logo. The bright colours of the logo represent the vibrant cultures of our region, with subtle overlays of actual gallery members artwork.

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